Greetings All!  Here’s my February blog on the brain! brainbodyblogfeb08.doc 


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  1. Bruce Weinberg Says:

    This weekend I’ve explored my own body map rather thoroughly. This is in response the a nagging bought of Bronchitis that has hampered me all week. Using my mind’s eye, I am scanning my “inner space” to find out where my deficiencies are. Not to mention where my energy flows and running into brick walls . My 14th meridian, my back, mostly upper stage right, is where the majority of the blockage is occuring. There is pain in my lung, not only in the physical map, but in the connectivity of the relational brain=ideas, dreams and memories. A literal cocktail of work-related, “girlfriend” and ” life-moving too fast” configuratoins that are all getting in the way of real progress. Regretably, my mind memory of healthier, happier days hasn’t been enough to combat my current physical state, and which is why I am inclined to submit to possibly another round of anitbiotics. I may change my mind about this tommorow hence a good night’s sleep, which in the grand scheme of things, and often as simple as is sounds, is really what Dr. ordered (or at least what my brain is telling me).

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