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Why we need Transcendental Rest

April 10, 2008

By anointing 2008 as the Year of the Brain, little did I realize how much information would come my way, especially regarding neurological trauma (strokes) and the great benefits of restorative, neo-cortical rest.

Indeed TED 2008 set the tone, bringing together the scientist and the spiritual leader to speak about right brain resilience and hemispheric balancing!   And more recently, I have had the chance to listen to some of David Lynch’s talks on T.M. a.k.a Transcendental Meditation  —  superb listening for those who are cautious about  meditation and all things Orientalist.   In one session, speaking on a neuroscience panel at Harvard U, Lynch captures the audience imagination with his references to what Maharishi Yogi called, “the deep diving into the field of bliss.”  Meditative practice —  “it’s money in the bank” for the artist, says Lynch repeatedly.

T.M. as distinct from many ancient meditative practices brought over from Asia, appears to have a different neurological imprint on the brain in comparison to say Zen or Vipassana Buddhist Meditation.  This is a claim worth following up.  

In the meantime, check out David Lynch’s foundation website for article and new postings



And for those of you who currently engage in some form of neo-cortical rest (e.g. contemplative practice), I welcome your comments on the benefits as well as your concerns.

In honor of my dear friend Eugenia Butler who passed away last week from a stroke, I offer this post to the benefit of all. 

May the Breath Be With You!

M. A. from L. A. a.k.a. Dr. G .