Yoga and the Brain: Free Teleseminar Jan 26, 2009

The Platform: YOGA and the BRAIN, Free Teleseminar Jan 26, 2009

The Twitter: It’s time to grow Neural real estate, not grey hairs!

The Big Idea: Scientific research shows that yogic movement meditation changes the brain!


My thought for the new year? Let mounting stress and uncertainty be opportunities to let yourself learn NEW WAYS TO CALM DOWN — and change your brain for the better!!!!!

Here at GGI, 2009 is off and running with free teleseminars on YOGA and the BRAIN!

Yours truly will introduce you to the core concepts of yogic meditation and neuroscience. Here’s your chance to get a handle on all of buzz on brain fitness and why yoga (movement & meditation) has captured the body, minds, hearts and central nervous systems of young, middle age and old. Please note: the emphasis here is on using meditation for brain restoration and stress reduction.

If you want to know how your “mind” changes your “brain” (and vice versa!), and how yogic meditation is more civilized history than hype, more relevant to brain restoration and fitness than any neuroscientist might guess!

Join us for another free 50 minute intro into the Neuroscience of Movement Meditation and learn about the art and science of neuroplasticity!

YOGA and the BRAIN!

Date: January 26, 2009

Time: We’ve set different times to accommodate people residing in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. (Sorry other Global Readers!)

9 a.m. Pacific Coast, Los Angeles zone

12 noon Pacific Coast, Los Angeles zone

*Check the following site for converting your time zone to the Pacific Zone (Los Angeles)

To Sign up: Simply write to, with the following info:


Your Name

Your state & country of residence

and note either the 9 a.m. Pacific time


12 noon Pacific time

to reserve your space

A recap of the teleseminar goal and content:

Who should take this teleseminar? Anyone working with, or interested in, the neurological effects of restorative or performance training, including allied health workers, public policy makers, physicians and physician assistants, psychiatrists, ADHD specialists, social entrepreneurs in health and wellness, and of course, all teachers & members of the somatic, yoga, meditation, athletic and martial arts community. (Global citizens please note: The teleseminar will be conducted in English.)

What will I learn?: This teleseminar introduces the core neuroscience concepts central to any top quality training program that offers yoga and movement meditation. Concepts include: neuroplasticity, immersive attention, somasensory integration and more.

What are the key benefits of this teleseminar?: You will leave the teleseminar energized and armed with a grand pattern of understanding how important yoga movement and meditation is for decreasing stress and improving health. Seminar discussion is particularly valuable for anyone dedicated to improving the development and integration of brain, body and mind by offering yoga as brain and body fitness program.

How do I join this free teleseminar? Again, simply write to with the word “yes, ” along with your state and country of residence. Follow up information will be sent to you at your given email address.

Take home message? Let us help you learn new skills to rejuvenate your brain and body for the new year!


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2 Responses to “Yoga and the Brain: Free Teleseminar Jan 26, 2009”

  1. Deep Bhangoo Says:

    Can I get information on the next tele-seminar?

    • spacesuityoga Says:

      Deep Bhangoo,

      Thanks for writing. I will put you on the mailing list for the next teleseminar, scheduled most likely for the end of Feb, beginning of March.

      Synaptically yours!

      Dr. G.

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